Assessing America’s Economic Growth Conditions

Introduction:  Economic growth in a complex economic system has many variables. This essay concentrates primarily on those conditions that may reasonably be actionable to increase growth.  The more opportunities that are acted upon, the greater will be the favorable result, but for ceteris paribus.   There is always uncertainty in the economy, even if something positive is expected, there … Continue reading Assessing America’s Economic Growth Conditions

Corporations ARE The Wealth of America

The word “corporation” has become a pejorative in American politics, particularly among a segment of the population seen holding signs, declaring objections to corporations, and urging certain political candidates to fix that. Their anger and more importantly, their lack of definition of the problem seems to leave no alternative but to shut down corporations!  These people do … Continue reading Corporations ARE The Wealth of America


Long before there was government, there was capitalism. Capitalism is not an institution, it has no leader, is not a part of government, was not invented, it is free, and the only basis for its reoccurring for thousands of years is that it works! In its simplest form it requires: Two persons, two assets and mutual desire of … Continue reading EXPLAINING CAPITALISM