Global Climate Change is NOT Just Deniable, It is Fraudulent

Global Climate Change originated with John D. Rockefeller’s monopolizing the Petroleum Industry in the United States

This essay attempts to show how a few United States’ politicians and a modest number of members of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) provided evidence to convince a majority of the world’s population to accept false premises about Global Climate Change.  The evidence was that planet Earth was soon to be overcome by potentially catastrophic Global Climate Change (GCC) that had already begun in the year 1988.  It was predicted to continue growing, and unless stopped by concerted efforts of all the nations of the World working together to prevent global catastrophe.  The cause of GCC had been determined as anthropogenic greenhouse gases predominantly produced by fossil fuels used to produce heat, light and power throughout the world.  GCC is the inevitable result from using carbon as a source of fuel for heating or by combustion to generate power.  The by-product from use of fossil fuels is atmospheric CO2 gas.  Invariably CO2 is a greenhouse gas, stores heat, preventing it from dispersion into outer space.  According to WRO-produced models, GCC will only be reversed by huge reductions in greenhouse gas.  The world’s human population has been careless with fossil fuels primarily since the industrial revolution.  It is probable according to WMO science that reductions in CO2 will negatively reverse standards of living on Earth – more so for the most advanced economies  because they have made greater use of fossil fuels to power technology.

So far, climate science has been little changed, and therefore, reductions in  CO2  have not been significant.  Particularly, climate-change spokespersons (politicians) have increased gloomy and even catastrophic messages about damage to Planet Earth; making a crusade of climate change.  We human beings have been careless, and we wealthy human beings who have been more careless are to blame.  For example Greta Thunberg’s oratory resonates from her speech at UN Climate Action Summit, 2019?


“You say that you love your children above everything else. And yet you are stealing their         future.”  Yet you all come to us [the young people] for hope.  How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.  Yet I am one of the lucky ones.  People are suffering.”


A separate part of the crusade at the present time is that the petroleum industry has been a targeted industry since   1859 when the first oil well having as its purpose the extraction of oil was drilled in Titusville, PA.  It created colossal wealth almost immediately.  As most new-wealth opportunities often become, the oil rush was typical of boom and bust experiences.  In 1861 the market price of oil dropped from $10 to $.10 per barrel.  Refining capacity grew rapidly and by 1871 became 12 million barrels of capacity for only 6 million barrels of oil extracted.  John D. Rockefeller was an orderly man and eventually consolidated the industry coast-to-coast, and of course he obtained huge wealth.  He was anathema then, and still is today.   Ida Tarbell, was known in the same period of time as a muckraker journalist.  Born in Titusville, she wrote a series called “The History of the Standard Oil Company”and sold them to newspapers; 19 episodes.  No doubt it was a favorite among progressive politicians and their supporters in its time.

Introduction of Politicians into the Science of Climate Change

Politicians, primarily from the United States learned what the meteorologists were doing and proposed they could work better with each other than each going their separate ways.  The result was that in 1988, the politicians and the scientists put together an organization that changed politics and is changing government and society around the planet.  In 1988 James Hansen, a NASA scientist was invited to give testimony to the Congress of the United States in a joint session.  His testimony included showing great disdain for the world-wide petroleum industry and its impact on climate change.  Hansen was like many other Americans in dislike of operators of oil and gas extraction and refining.  Not only in the United States was the industry difficult to like, but particularly in third-world countries where petroleum deposits were found, did the petroleum giants run roughshod over colonial governments therein.  Hansen finished his testimony with the claim that GCC was already in existence with 99% certainty.

1988 was also the year the United Nations authorized the establishment of the U.N.Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  Michael Mann, a recent PhD in meteorology joined with Al Gore, who was then Vice President of the United States in Bill Clinton’s administration.  The IPCCbecame the one-and-only institution to invite or coerce-with-power to bring as many nations as possible into membership in  the IPCC (currently there are 195).  Scientists that work for the IPCC must be members of the World Meteorology Organization to qualify for climate change scientific research.  The location of the IPCC is Geneva, Switzerland, and the dollar value of research grants has become greater. (This was the whole purpose of the Michael Mann’s reasons for leadership in the IPCC.)

How the IPCC Maximizes Its Political Power

The meteorologists got what they expected from joining the IPCC:  They obtained plenty of lucrative Research Grants.  What was most unexpected and most unfortunate was that the political members changed the findings obtained by trained scientists.  Maybe they should have expected this; after all the institution run by the politicians is named the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  Science is not even mentioned.

One of the first matters the political members of the IPCC took charge of was to establish a fixed Framework Convention on Climate Change.  This document determined “Four Initial Suppositions “ in aid of political agreements for treaties and protocols among the IPCC Member governments.  Following are the suppositions:

  1. It is assumed that a global warming signal has been detected in the climate record of the past one hundred years thus validating the computer model predictions of a major future warming.
  2. It further assumes that a substantial warming in the future will produce catastrophic consequences including droughts, floods, storms, a rapid and significant rise in sea level, a collapse of agriculture and a spread of tropical diseases.
  3. It assumes that we can avoid the impending climate catastrophe by reducing Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions to some “safe” level, and that this “safe” level is known and achievable.
  4. Finally, it assumes that emission reductions should take place regardless of their costs, that the consequences of climate change are so disastrous that no price is too high to pay to prevent it from occurring.

The IPCC in its first two Assessment Reports (AR1) and (AR2) authored by scientists reported in AR1 that, “Observed temperature changes and the changes calculated by General Circulation Models (GCMs) are “broadly consistent.”  That Assessment was untrue!  It was written by politicians and replaced what the Scientists reported.   Scientists wrote:  “To date, pattern-based studies have not been able to quantify the magnitude of a greenhouse gas or aerosol effect on climate.”

(AR2) released in 1996 arrived at two conclusions:  (a) “The climate changes of the past century are unlikely to be due entirely to natural fluctuations” and (b) “That the balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate.”

The report is wrong; changes were made without knowledge of scientific authors. Scientists objected and notified world media of the discrepancies.  The public media ignored the discrepancies.


Planet Earth is already warming, having come out of a recent cycle of cooling.  The prior cycle of cooling ended in about the middle of the Eighteenth Century.  Such paired-cycles – one cool and the other warming — have been occurring for at least one million years, and are documented and provable by Earth sciences. The cool/warm cycles repeat approximately every 1500 years.  They originate with the Sun, but science has not yet understood how they occur, but coincide with sun spots.  Greenhouse gases and anthropogenic effect is not involved.  The Sun produces numerous Sun-Cycles affecting Earth, but so far they are mostly benign.


Three environmental scientists from Denmark, Switzerland and France discovered and put their names on the sun-cycle which creates the 1500-year cycle of warming and cooling.  The cycle is named the Dansgaard-Oeschger-Bond (DOB) Cycle. The scientists drilled deeply into Greenland’s ice and removed the cores of ice for investigation. They determined isotopes of oxygen from the core of ice have different signatures for warming periods and cooling periods. Using the data from the oxygen isotopes, the scientists could distinguish the separate warm and cold periods and also determine their times on Earth.  Other scientists have repeated the DOB experiment with ice cores in other parts of Earth and corroborated the DOB results.  Other types of proxies such as cave stalagmites from Ireland and Germany, as well as South Africa and New Zealand tell the same results.  Together, these show that climate change is indeed global.

The three original scientists were awarded the Tyler Prize in recognition of their work.  The Tyler Prize is the highest level of achievement in Environmental Science, somewhat similar to the Nobel Prize in other categories.  Below are the most recent cycles, excluding the cycle for today’s period.

600 BC to about 200 BC   Unnamed cold period lasting 400 years

200 BC to about 600 AD   The Roman warming period lasting 800 years

600   AD to about 900   AD   Medieval cold period lasting 600 years

900   AD to about 1300 AD   Medieval warming (also “the climate optimum 400 Years

1300 AD to about 1850 AD   Little Ice Age lasting about 550 years

The late Gerard Bond, a Paleo-Oceanographer was in 2001affiliated with the Columbia University, Lamont-Dorherty Earth Observatory.  He published an elegant research study giving us the Earth’s climate history for a period of 32,000 years – along with our climate’s linkage to the Sun.  The Journal Science published the Lamont-Dorherty Earth Observatory data.  Science 294(16 November 2001): 2130-136.  See also Richard Kerr, “A Variable Sun Paces Millennial Climate, “Science 294 (16 November 2001):  1431-433.  The Journal Science report is authoritative, except to the IPCC scientists.


Global Climate Change among climate scientists has reached the level of a crusade, much as the politicians have crossed the line from science to fraud.  There is no “scientific consensus” on impending climate disaster as the crusaders often claim.  Galileo may have been alone in believing the Earth revolves around the sun, but that does not prove the majority are right as the scientists have claimed to show.  They state, “Nearly all actively publishing climate scientists” say 100% of scientists accept anthropogenic and greenhouse gases as causing climate change.”  Of course that consensus is 100% because this is a count of only the publishing scientists who wrote on climate change.

Moving on to another claim, which is that warming will continue occur and reach dangerous runaway proportions due to the CO2 greenhouse effect having no “off-switch”.  See rebuttals:  1) “Natural ‘Heat Vent” in Pacific Cloud Cover Could Diminish Greenhouse Warming,” In 2001 Richard Lindzen, an MIT professor of Atmospheric physics, and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 28 February 2001.  See also 2) “Does the Earth Have an Adaptive Infrared Iris?” Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 82 (2001): 417-32.  These findings have been issued in press releases but, with little attention by the IPCC.

Politicians, mostly by instinct, carry themselves through embarrassments.  Eventually, the politicians will turn on the scientists, and claim they are to blame.

What to do about the dozens of trillions of dollars wasted? Could the perpetrators be made to answer in court. Could there be claims for reimbursement or some other restitution.                                                                                             May 30, 2023