Ensuring Best-Practice Election Integrity

The Democratic Party and many of the largest media insist there is no election fraud.  Quite obviously, the purpose of this essay is not to teach my readers how to make election fraud work for them, but to emphasize that it is real, and sufficient to change election results, especially in those states whose election processes are most vulnerable.  Below are vulnerabilities (generic) and how the vulnerability is exploited. 

State or County registrations not accurate.  Many states have been purposely negligent in removing dead, moved, name-changed, registration records.  Judicial Watch, a non-profit watch-dog organization has sued many states to clean their registration rolls; but it is a never ending process.

1.       The simplest method to vote a ghost record is to obtain an absentee ballot and vote it by mail.

2.       The sure way of stopping it is for the state to require all absentee ballots to be obtained only by physical presence at the precinct to pick up a ballot and be required to show proper identification.  

Ballot Harvesting by a supposed agent.  This is really two similar means of third parties to control chooses the candidate the ballot will be voted for, or sometimes that no ballot is cast at all (because it was not for the candidate the harvester or agent was representing.  An agent might obtain the ballot from the rightful voter by paying the rightful voter money after the registered voter has put their signature on the blank ballot.  

1.       Often, merely making ballot harvesting; illegal and giving publicity to this is sufficient to stop much of the problem.

2.       In Europe where notary publics are common, the ballot is cast by the notary public under their seal and signature as verification of the voter’s intent for the ballot.  

Absentee ballots.  When a ballot is not under physical control of an election worker or the registered voter, it is a ballot at risk of being fraudulently used.  H.R.1, sponsored by the Democratic Party in Congress would prohibit requiring voter ID, and require states to allow permanent mail-in voting or worse yet, to mail absentee ballots to the whole list of registered voters, without anyone’s instruction.  This is the law in Colorado.  This is insane, prima facie illegal in many other states.  

1.       If absentee voting is to be reasonably controlled, the ballot has to be physically in the control of the registered voter in either pick-up of the ballot at the election precinct accompanied by legal identification, or returned in the voting envelope to the voting precinct in person by the registered voter together with proper identification.  (The voter has to be physically present for either one of the two events – pick-up or delivery of the ballot in person.)

The United States is the outlier in safe-handling of election ballots.  For instance, in Europe there are 47 countries.  46 countries require voter id at the precinct for voting, or for pick-up of absentee ballots.  The United Kingdom is the lone outlier.  Absentee voting is forbidden in 35 countries.  Only 10 countries permit absentee voting, leaving but 2 countries out of forty-seven doing something along the lines of the United States.  

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The general rule for handling ballots at all times should be that two or more election officials should be together with ballots under their control, except when ballots are in control of the registered voter or has been placed in the approved ballot drop-off box, located in such place as specified by election officials, and the ballot placed therein by the voter, and nobody else.  Ballots in the custody of United States Postal Service or in their secure mailbox have approval also.  Think of ballots as being equivalent of cash money.  A ballot that is not under the election system’s control — unwatched by sanctioned persons — is dangerous to integrity

Most important, more than outside the voting place is the two-person rule within the voting precinct where ballot envelopes are opened, counted, or removed to safe places when otherwise not being processed.  The Zuckerburg donations of hundreds of millions of dollars gifted to state election officials for undesignated spending within certain state and county election offices are stupid and criminal, and surely created breaches of accountability within the carefully chosen states to be gifted by this private person.  The unspoken use of the money – designated only in “battle ground states” – was likely to be nefariously used.  It was probably illegal for them to even be in the facility at all, at any time whatsoever.  Are we doing things better in the United States than Cuba, Russia, and Venezuela?

Publiustoo.com                                                                                                                                                December 31, 2021