How much have you thought about Critical Race Theory?

Critical Race Theory has its origins as Critical Theory by the Italian Communist Party founder, Antonio Gramsci in 1920 when he was sent to prison, and like many others before and after, he used his time to create a guide for changing society; in Gramsci’s case, recruiting Italian workers to Communism.  In the United States, Critical Theory was adopted by many University Sociology Departments in the twenties and thirties, and pretty much flamed out when Communism failed to take a foothold after World War II.  The remnant faculties in sociology departments have adopted Critical Thinking to racism, and more suitably, to their academic training toward the quest for egalitarianism, socialism and party identity politics.  All these splinter groups combine in tracing their intellectual heritage to Marx and Engels.  That heritage presents itself as being willing to destroy whatever is perceived to be an opposition force, and specifically, and most dangerously, family, religion, education and private property.  There are Critical Theory adherents for law and gender as well as race, and each splinter group sees the wealth accumulated by those who were part of the founding of Black lives Matter as a financial triumph, which acts as an inducement for Critical Race Theory.  

The essence of Critical Theory is similar to what engineers do when wanting to copy someone else’s product.  They take it apart and reverse engineer it to its essence and then make whatever modifications are necessary to produce a similar, but not exact competitive replica.   Critical Race Theory founders chose blacks as their oppressed human beings in America and white human beings as oppressors.  Then they created narratives about how white males initiated the revolution, wrote the constitution and placed themselves and their posterity in power to run the United States, citing historical information and facts and similarly how the blacks were oppressed and again use historical facts and data.  The underpinnings of the narrative do not have to be truthful, only convincing of the narrative.  The 1619 Project is such a part of Critical Race Theory (“CRT”).  The narrative has to include two important validation factors:  oppression is a lived experience that only those being oppressed can experience; no one else can live in their skin.  Secondly, the oppression is ongoing today; it is not merely an historical experience that no longer exists.  CRT has been in existence for a decade or more, but during that time it was not ready to be advanced; now it is.  Today CRT has a developed narrative and persons trained to advance the narrative into the American cultural experience broadly.  The media have been brought into the narrative and support CRT narrative in appropriate opportunities; not overtly spelling out CRT, but rather promoting the narrative when current events lend themselves to being correlated and the “dead white males” may be indicted.  

The proof of CRT is in the living experience only, so the narrative is irrefutable.  The object thereafter is to use this irrefutable, immutable situation to change the behavior of each of the oppressed and oppressor classes to better ends of American culture.  Both the oppressed and oppressors must be reeducated to believe their new roles in a changed America to become assimilated. 

The race narrative is much easier to propose today, having a black former Attorney General of the United States who advanced “disparate results” into civil rights law and established mechanical law suits against many of the former Confederate states comparing the percentages of blacks being a smaller percent of “subject-matter X” and the percentage of blacks in a state’s population being disparately larger.  Ipso facto this establishes a narrative that advances the oppression theory.  Disparate results “theory” uses pseudo-analysis to provide proof of oppressive, systemic racism.  This is repeated to show that because employment, education, housing, healthcare, et al are everywhere racist, these disparities exist in all these institutions.  Thomas Sowell’s examination of Discrimination and Disparities puts to rest the reasons the “essence of the invincible fallacy makes things what they are, and their consequences will be what they will be.”  

Critical Race Theory has a game plan that has taken a decade or more to prepare and its acolytes have begun indoctrination at the grass roots level in public schools, grades K-12.   They will have support among the media, academy and Hollywood.  Critical Race Theory is supported by BLM and the two largest teachers’ unions.                                                                               August 6, 2021