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Publius was the pen-name of the authors of The Federalist Papers.  The real Publius was a Roman Consul and one of the original founders of the Roman Republic in 503 BC.  The Federalist Papers’ authors knew well who the real Publius was and were honoring him for his influence on the writers of The Constitution.  The real names of The Federalist Papers’ authors were:  James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.  They published eighty-five essays, each covering various subjects in support of the adoption of the United States Constitution. I chose to put “too” after Publius’ name to distinguish myself as a humble admirer of the originals.  

I chose to use “one-page” essays as a format for what I would publish.  I borrowed the concept from the Virginia House of Burgesses, the colonial legislature of the Colony of Virginia.  A basic rule for creating law in Virginia was that each law had to fit on one page and have only one subject.  Many scholars have noticed that the Constitution too is very short for a fundamental governing law for a new nation.  It is like a symphony composed by Mozart, only as many notes as are needed.  I hope to emulate the Founders in brevity.

I plan to produce about one page per week, sometimes timely of subject, but more often what is timeless in American history, politics, civics, law and particularly the Constitution. The reading level of subject matter will usually be for college educated.  Only as many words as necessary.